Merchant lending

An area I worked on while at Klarna was merchant growth, the problem a lot of smaller merchants experience is that they cannot get financing through regular banks because of the high risk.
So in order to help and improve customer stickyness with Klarna we buit Merchant Lending, an app that lives in theMerchant Portal that lets merchants get business financing based on their sales, which they also pay back with a percentage of their daily/weekly sales.Merchant Lending was built in close collaboration with a few design merchants on the swedish market, I worked as the sole Product Designer doing user research together with them testing prototypes of the loan flow to improve the UX and simplify the somewhat complicated accounting terminology to the average merchant.

Issued loan amount (Jan 2018 - Jul 2020)

402 MSEK

Number of loans

2 788

Launched in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Great Britain.

Order management

To better understand and tackle the problems of the merchants we support in relation to order management, together with research agency Augur while I was at Klarna we did a focused effort to conduct interviews and user tests with Swedish and North American merchants using Klarna.

We just want to quickly see what is up with our business

It was expressed that it was hard for merchants to see what they needed to act upon. Their life is hectic packing parcels for delivery and they don't always have time to check into the Klarna Merchant Portal to see which orders they need to act upon.

Getting UI-feedback helps create a sense of security.

Although they’ve taught themselves fairly well and solve issues rather quickly, not everything is completely intuitive. As the merchants browse the Merchant Portal and take on new tasks such as performing a part-capture, they have a hard time realising when they’re done and where to look for confirmation. It feels like they themselves have to verify when they’re done – since the Portal doesn’t.

Unclear where to find help

When browsing around and realizing they have a simple question, the merchants often start by hovering over words (for definition) or look for a chat function (lower right corner). Very few see the (?) sign for Guidebook up top and it can feel tedious to take that route. It’s unclear to them how to “troubleshoot” and they simply expect to find easy answers in the Portal.

The improvements


To tackle the sense if security and help educate new users on what happens when you do a capture for instance, we created these onboarding modals that pop-up once you doan action for the first time. Along with showing toast messages once an action is performed.

A better overview

As a first step to let merchants get a better overview of their business, we created and launched email sendouts with daily/weekly summaries to see what is new and what they need to act upon.
As well as to highlight expiring orders directly in the UI.

The results

A more streamlined and intuitive order management experience, fully responsive supporting the growing amount of mobile sessions (from 4% of all sessions to 10%). Since going live we have seen a significant drop in customer service-errands in regards to orders that have expired.